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​The Cookery is a shared learning and test kitchen, and a licensed and inspected food processing facility that provides space and resources to individuals and culinary entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a food-related business. 


The Cookery is housed within the Community Learning Center (CLC) in Kendallville. Founded in 2019, the CLC strives to advance the self-sufficiency of all residents through collaborative, multi generational programs and offerings. The CLC's core beliefs further the community in the areas of Health and Wellness, Workforce, Economic Development, and the Performing and Fine Arts. 

Among the many assets and amenities available within the CLC, which occupies a historic former school campus, is the commercial kitchen that once served hundreds of students through the school's cafeteria. In early 2022, the kitchen became known as The Cookery to serve the community through three primary pathways:  CLC Culinary Arts programs, as a Shared Kitchen, and as a Seed Kitchen.


Culinary Arts Programs

Comprised of community members who have a passion for cooking, the CLC Culinary Arts committee offers opportunities to the public to learn how to prepare, cook, preserve, and incorporate healthy foods in their homes and businesses. Events for all genders and ages are scheduled routinely.

Shared Kitchen

The Cookery offers opportunities to use all of its in-house, commercial kitchen amenities (including prep stations, sinks, appliances, dry, cold and freezer storage areas, and more) by one-time appointment or through memberships. Save the costs of expensive equipment and space by sharing ours!



  • To enable a thriving economy

  • To develop local talent 

  • To enhance the local entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • To retain and expand local businesses

  • To enable collaborations supporting self-sufficiency

  • To help develop vibrant, thriving dowtowns

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